Walking the Path London, United Kingdom | 27. April

Walking the Path London, United Kingdom

Walking the Path London, United Kingdom @ Pax Lodge

Walking the Path
This is the new next-step process for everyone who has done the Path of Love. Virtually every participant who goes through the Path of Love process has deeply meaningful breakthroughs, realisations and experiences of their true nature. It is often challenging though to integrate those deep openings into our daily lives, families and work.

‘Walking the Path’ is about living in the world of the marketplace in such a way that our essence is embodied, integrated and part of a grounded, relaxed and confident sense of self.

This is a powerful four day process where the Path makes new turns into the unknown, bringing us to that edge where we are most vibrantly alive and passionate about self discovery. Prepare to be moved!

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+44 07802 468057

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Friday, 27. April @ 9:00 AM


Pax Lodge

12C Lyndhurst Road, London, United Kingdom
020 7435 2202


Friday, 27. Apr @ 9:00 AM - 30. Apr @ 4:00 PM

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