SongSmith Xtra ft Makala Cheung/Hana Piranha/Act On Impulse | 26. April

SongSmith Xtra ft Makala Cheung/Hana Piranha/Act On Impulse

SongSmith Xtra ft Makala Cheung/Hana Piranha/Act On Impulse @ Mr. Wolf's Bristol

Makala Cheung:
Bristol born half Chinese music artist making Electronic Urban Pop with a Chinese twist - performing with a live electronic band
Twitter: @MakalaCheung
Instagram @makalacheung
Makala photo by Marcus Way

Act On Impulse: is an art rock band from Bristol, formed in early 2017 and comprised of Jon Pont (Bass), Topaz Maitland (Vocals and synth), Katie Carr-Ferguson (Guitar) and Jamie Ward (Drums).
Their signature sound takes a funk twist on a classic, full rock sound by adding intricate rhythms, periods of calm and even some vocal scatting weaved into a classic rock breakdown in between choruses. “It’s full of energy but also often tranquil and reflective. We wanted to write stuff you can groove to, but there’s also so much you can express with your music. That’s why we have some songs that practically wrote themselves - each one comes straight from the heart, and grooves at the same time.” says lead singer Topaz of the band’s style.
The group bring a lot of energy to their performances, playing with fun and unexpected techniques such as tapping the bass guitar with drumsticks. “We’re just trying to have fun with it really.  In band prac we do all sorts of things like trying to play a whole song lying down on the floor.” says Jon Pont, the band’s bassist.
After winning the 2017 University of Bristol battle of the bands and receiving support through MAS Records later that year, the band have plans to record and release a series of singles by the end of 2018.

Hana Piranha: are an alternative rock band from London fronted by violinist Hana Maria. With "a voice that Juliette Lewis would kill for" and a violin that "shreds and grinds like a one-woman Queensrÿche", the band come with "an air of malevolence, menace and danger", leaving nothing sacrosanct as the audience is taken on a voyeuristic trip of pleasure, anguish and shame.
New Zealand born Hana belongs to the caste of strong individuals like Patti Smith, PJ Harvey and Shirley Manson and is unafraid to show that you can be strong and triumphant by being wounded and fragile.
Following previous successes with Pledge Music, Hana Piranha are continuing to draw on the support of their loyal fanbase with new releases made possible through crowd-funding on the Patreon platform.
"The musical grit and nastiness provided by the full-throated guitars is just a backdrop for the startlingly dark lyrics."
For Us Not Them

Thursday, 26. April @ 8:00 PM


Mr. Wolf's Bristol

32 St Nicholas Street, Bristol, United Kingdom
0117 929 0897


Thursday, 26. Apr @ 8:00 PM - 10:59 PM

Attending: 9 · Maybe: 28 · Interested: 28