Six Thinking Hats in Schools | 5. May

Six Thinking Hats in Schools

Six Thinking Hats in Schools @ Ljubljana

The Six Thinking Hats methodology of thinking was invented by dr. Edward de Bono, world expert of creative thinking and the direct teaching of thinking as a skill. The Six thinking hats helps students and teachers become more effective, innovative thinkers. In traditional thinking, we constantly find ourselves in conflict. Each side seeks to criticize the other point of view. The Six Thinking Hats method, however, encourages parallel thinking, where everyone explores all sides of an issue at the same time. In parallel thinking, confrontation is replaced by a cooperative exploration of the subject. It encourages the sharing of information, reduces argument, and allows talkers to think and thinkers to talk. This course shows how can teachers help students to think. The participants will receive all the teaching material needed for effective integration of the Six Thinking Hats in teaching practice.

Sunday, 5. May @ 4:00 PM


Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana, Slovenia


Sunday, 05. May @ 4:00 PM - 11. May @ 8:30 AM

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