Ice Cream Festival 2018 | Dublin | 10. August

Ice Cream Festival 2018 | Dublin

Ice Cream Festival 2018 | Dublin @ Dublin, Ireland

🍧 The first ICE CREAM FESTIVAL is coming to Dublin in summer 2018! 🍧

Sure, you can enjoy ice cream in one cone or cup...but why settle for something so basic when you can take ice cream to a whole other level? β˜€οΈπŸ¦πŸ¨

Eat yourself through the new, and exclusive ice cream creations of your favorite local manufacturers. We bring all the local ice cream parlours together in one place. And you will be able to try every single taste. ❀

Next to a cozy lounge area you will find relaxing summer beats and many freezing specials. Welcome to the Dublin Ice Cream Festival! 😍🍧🍦🍨

❀︎ We will keep you cool and happy ❀

Location and exact times will be announced soon.

➒ If you’re a local ice cream manufacturer, exhibitor, interested sponsor or local event agency, then drop us a line at

Friday, 10. August @ 11:00 AM


Dublin, Ireland

Dublin, Ireland


Friday, 10. Aug @ 11:00 AM - 12. Aug @ 10:00 PM

Attending: 3188 Β· Maybe: 14375 Β· Interested: 14375



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