Developing Effective Communication Skills | 19. May

Developing Effective Communication Skills

Developing Effective Communication Skills @ Ljubljana

Communication is the core skill we need and it is important to know how to communicate well and effectively.

This Erasmus+ course is based on Transactional analysis, a theory of personality and communication and led by our experienced in-house trainer Ana. Course aims at developing effective communication skills of participants in their workplace and private life through identification and understanding of shortcomings in communication process. Participants will learn how personality is linked to conflicts and develop powerful skills in order to overcome barriers in communication process. They will also learn to recognise their own communication patterns, develop feedback giving techniques and learn to recognise psychological games.

Sunday, 19. May @ 4:00 PM


Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana, Slovenia


Sunday, 19. May @ 4:00 PM - 25. May @ 8:30 AM

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