David Walliams' Awful Auntie | 14. November

David Walliams' Awful Auntie

David Walliams' Awful Auntie @ Swansea Grand Theatre

Wed - 1.30pm, Fri - 10.30am, Sat - 2.30pm.
From the award-winning producers of Gangsta Granny.
When Stella sets off to visit London with her parents, Lord and Lady Saxby, she has no idea her life is in danger! Waking up three months later, only her Aunt Alberta can tell Stella what has happened. But not everything Aunt Alberta tells her turns out to be true and Stella quickly discovers she's in for the fight of her life against her very own awful Auntie!
From the award-winning producers of Gangsta Granny comes the world premiere of David Walliams' amazing tale of frights, fights and friendship, featuring a very large owl, a very small ghost and a very awful Auntie!

"The Birmingham Stage Company's Gangsta Granny is truly brilliant, so I'm hugely excited that they're now bringing Awful Auntie to the stage. It promises to be a thrilling show and a total hoot - Wagner and I can't wait to see it!" DAVID WALLIAMS

Wednesday, 14. November @ 7:00 PM


Swansea Grand Theatre

Swansea Grand Theatre, Singleton Street,, Swansea, United Kingdom


Wednesday, 14. Nov @ 7:00 PM - 17. Nov @ 7:00 PM

Attending: 46 · Maybe: 776 · Interested: 776