4/20 Cloud On The Quays '18 | 20. April

4/20 Cloud On The Quays '18

4/20 Cloud On The Quays '18 @ Dublin, Ireland

Medical/ Recreational/ Decriminalisation Cannabis protest and march staged for April 20th '18

Come out and support Ireland's largest Cannabis protest and help improve on last year astounding success...

Change of venue this year but we promise you won't be disappointed... We've only gone and got even more space 😳

More details to follow, competitions to be won, ways to get involved and much more. Stay tuned, keep an eye on the page and share with your friends 😁 see you soon folks

Friday, 20. April @ 11:00 AM


Dublin, Ireland

Dublin, Ireland


Friday, 20. Apr @ 11:00 AM - 3:20 PM

Attending: 255 · Maybe: 763 · Interested: 763



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