30th Anniversary Of Opening The Building. | 27. April

30th Anniversary Of Opening The Building.

30th Anniversary Of Opening The Building. @ The 1 in 12 Club Bradford

A full 11 days to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the opening of the 1in12 Club's premises on Albion Street. Starting on Friday 27th April through to Monday 7th May, incorporating a number of different gigs and events on every day.
Come and help us celebrate an impossible dream made real.
A quick list of what's being organised so far and who by:
Friday 27th April - Sloths in Docs Gig
Saturday 28th April - Shite On Albion Street" - Gig
Sunday 29th April - Skank n Scran - The Highfield Collective
Monday 30th April - Games night
Tuesday 1st May - MAYDAY - Parade, picnic, Quiz, general shenannigans
Wednesday 2nd May - Free (NOT the band!)
Thursday 3rd May - Not Cool DIY - Gig
Friday 4th May - Moist Tiger - Gig (there may be a Star wars theme)
Saturday 5th May - Carpe Noctum -Homecoming gig
Sunday 6th May - Free
Monday 7th May - Zine making about the the event, wind down and possibly an all day "Bradford Breakfast"

Friday, 27. April @ 12:00 PM


The 1 in 12 Club Bradford

21-23 Albion St., Bradford, United Kingdom
01274 734160


Friday, 27. Apr @ 12:00 PM - 07. May @ 10:00 PM

Attending: 39 · Maybe: 36 · Interested: 36


01274 734160


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